Friday, February 13, 2009

Poetry Break: Douglas Florian

Introduction: Children love choral reading, especially when it’s silly. This poem just begs to be shared out loud during a storytime.

Hello, My Name is Dracula
By Douglas Florian

Hello, my name is Dracula.
My clothing is all blackula.
I drive a Cadillacula.
I am a maniacula.
I drink blood for a snackula.
Your neck I will attackula
With teeth sharp as a tackula.
At dawn I hit the sackula.
Tomorrow I’ll be backula!

(From LAUGH-ETERIA written and illustrated by Douglas Florian. Harcourt Brace & Company 1999)

1. A preschool storytime is the perfect setting for this poem, especially around Halloween. Read the poem out loud one time in a spooky voice, allowing the children to join in if they want. Then read the poem again, this time pausing before the last 3 syllables of each line (ack-u-la). By the time you reach the end of the poem, every child will most likely be shouting out the syllables in unison, accompanied by frequent giggle attacks.
2. Children in grades 1-4 will enjoy this poem also. After the teacher reads the poem out loud once, let the students who want to, take turns reading the lines to the rest of their class. Let them pause to allow the other students to join in. Discuss how Florian makes his own nonsense rhymes for this poem, and have the class come up with lists of silly nonsense rhymes – the sillier, the better! If the class is interested in writing their own silly poems, these lists can either be laminated and posted in the classroom or handed out as individual copies for the students to use in their writing portfolios.

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