Friday, April 24, 2009

Poetry Break - A serious poem about a sensitive subject in teens’ lives

Introduction: Road Rage – who hasn’t felt it? Young adults can be especially susceptible to it – they just went through drivers ed and they now know how to drive (unlike some of the other idiots on the road!)

Three Way Stop
By Janet S. Wong

The old lady got there first,
and you got there second,
but here he comes, that jerk in his truck, trying to push his way through—
So you charge to block him off,
you charge, by golly, to stick up for what is right—

and you crash,
ding his tail,
smash your light.

(From BEHIND THE WHEEL: POEMS ABOUT DRIVING by Janet S. Wong. Margaret K. McElderry Books, 1999)

Extension: Teenagers don’t have the life experience yet to cope with road rage. In a driver’s education class, this would be a perfect poem to introduce a discussion of this dangerous aspect of driving and the responsibility to other drivers.

Graphic from: Accessed 4/24/2009

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